Align Your Keywords, Ads, and Landing Pages


A recent client had added keywords in their AdWords account for terms somewhat related to their business. There was only a small overlap between their exact target market and the new search terms. These keywords had yielded only one conversion over a three month period at a cost of over $3,000.

They didn’t have an optimal account structure.

The keywords were mixed in with other keywords and unrelated ads. There was only a one-in-three chance that the landing page even mentioned the search term. This is a problem because the search terms were not in alignment with the ads, or the landing pages.

That is the lesson here: alignment.

Let’s say you’re in the pet business. If your keyword is about dogs, your ad is about cats, and your landing page is about rabbits, then people will get very confused. They won’t spend time on your site working out what you meant them to see.

They’ll just leave.

Line up the cat keywords, cat ads, and cat landing pages to get the cat people to respond. An optimal account structure accomplishes this alignment. Do the same with the rabbit, and dog keywords.

After restructuring the client’s account, their cost / lead for these keywords dropped to $21.58.  (Well within their $50 limit.)

Take the time to create Ad Groups for like keywords, so you don’t do a dog / cat / rabbit on your audience.