Our Methods

We use a four part framework for our consulting, but it's not a rigid 1, 2, 3, 4. Think of it as a toolbox from which we'll pull out the right tools at the right time. The first thing we do is understand your business, your goals, and your starting point. Then we'll put together a proposal that is based on your specific business. During implementation we'll pull tools out of the toolbox and use them at different times. Every business is unique, and just as importantly you are unique. We'll propose something tailored to you.

A Solid Foundation

Positioning is the foundationMarketers have their own definition for this. We live in the real world, so here is what we do: positioning is about understanding You, Your Business, and Your Market in order to communicate effectively. By effectively, we mean persuasively.

We'll walk through some exercises to really nail it for you. It is an essential first step, because everything we do will build on this work. We'll zoom in on your target market, and set our sights on your sweet spot. We'll know who we're looking to reach, what they say, where they go, and who they hang out with.

Growth Blueprint

This is the framework we mentioned earlier. There's a philosophy behind this, and the techniques have been proven to work in the field in various industries.

1. Laser Focused for Fast Results

When somebody searches online for your product or service, they are looking for you right now. These are the right people at the right time. Laser-target them by advertising on AdWords, Google’s advertising system. You could be up and running as soon as tomorrow.

Direct your ads to Landing Pages for maximum results. Warning: doing this correctly is critical because there’s a chasm between expert and novice; between a steady flow of new customers, or losing money. To avoid expensive mistakes, you should sign up for your free video training.

2. Cast the Net to Build Your Sales Engine

To catapult your business forward, you must look beyond people who are searching for your product or service right now, and connect with them wherever they are. Level 1 is like line-fishing. Here you cast your net wide by expanding your advertising to other platforms.

Here’s the rub. With search advertising people are looking for you, but now you’re interrupting them. Plus they’re probably not quite ready to buy. Grab their attention with a Lead Magnet, then build interest with Great Content delivered by Autoresponder until they are ready to buy.

3. Laying Siege to Search™ to Dominate Search Rankings

Surround search engines with compelling content in multiple formats. Imagine your message besieging the Internet. Laying Siege to Search™ is the program that will get you noticed in a big way. Your competitors won’t know what hit them.

You produce a Content Plan to bring order to the release of your content. You map your content to the four essential purposes: Sales, Awareness, Trust, and Emotion. You multicast it in Writing, Video, and Audio to all channels. When anyone searches your niche, there you are.

4. Mine for Gold to Dominate Your Market

Picture your business sitting on top of a goldmine. Executing the right strategy is all that is needed to bring that gold to the surface. The gold is in your existing customer base. This is where the 80/20 rule comes into play. Today is when you stop leaving money on the table.

Get to know your real customer: their needs, wants, and desires. Who are they really? The answer will probably surprise you. Now go deeper. Produce your product escalation plan. Turn your own knowledge into money. Liberate yourself. Raise your business to another level.