Our Philosophy

As a business owner you're probably barraged by offers of help to grow your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, special deals from circulars, magazines, local TV and radio stations, and even agencies that want to generate some buzz, do social media marketing, or implement the latest fad.

It's no surprise that you struggle to sort the wheat from the chaff. You can't afford to waste money on unproductive dead-ends, but you have a sense that opportunities are passing you by. Perhaps an Internet-savvy upstart has invaded your market.

Technology is changing so rapidly that you're caught in a pincer between your desire to move forward, and your uncertainty in knowing what to do. You've probably paid for help in the past and it hasn't delivered the results you wanted. There's a reason for it.

Everything we mentioned so far is either a strategy, or a tactic. You do need strategy and tactics in order to move forward, but focusing on these will not get you the traction you want. This is because strategy is what you intend to do, tactics are how you intend to do it, which leaves the most important question unasked: why?

System Driven Growth

We've examined the sales process and realized that there is a way to stack the numbers in your favor. Just a 1.6% monthly improvement in four key areas will double your income in twelve months. System Driven Growth is a process and methodology for continuous improvement.

Each project must have a business objective, which is your reason why. Each of your business objectives must map to a measurable outcome. You follow a disciplined process, allowing the numbers to tell you what works. When you do this, your work is based on principles.

Principles provide clarity. They pierce the fog of uncertainty. (We talk about this extensively in our book Compound Growth.) Decisions can now be made with calm assurance. System Driven Growth is based on principles. We specialize in online strategies, but our approach can be used offline. Principles hold true regardless of media, or format.

7 Core Principles

1. Measure It to Manage It

We believe in demonstrable results, so we set up some simple measurements to tell us if we going in the right direction. How we do this depends on your business, but the numbers we want to track are always the same. Ultimately it comes down to a few critical measurements on a spreadsheet.

2. You Need Fast Results

Who can afford to wait years to see if something is working? We have a process that is laser-focused to get your phone ringing in days and weeks, not months and years.

3. Build Your Brand and Make the Sale

Branding aims to build name recognition and awareness of the core products and values of an organization. Ad agencies usually favor this approach, but often with no measurable results. Direct-response ads target the sale with everything else secondary. This is a false choice. You need to build brand awareness and make the sale. We take you through a series of exercises to help you hone your position in the market.

4. Expand Your Reach

The great thing about marketing online is that you can cast your net ever wider. You need to get your message out to more places and in more formats. Imagine your business showing up everywhere your niche is discussed. It's easier than you think, and we can show you how to do it, and how to keep it all under control.

5. Compound Your Results

The compound effect of small incremental improvements is at the core of System Driven Growth. Testing is central to our approach. If you are able to test A against B and B beats A by 100%, then you might just have doubled your sales. In practice you rarely get 100% in one step, but you might get there in multiple steps.

6. Dominate Your Niche

There are three types of company. The first is budget-driven. A budget-driven company will say "I want to spend $X  and no more on this." The second type of company is results-driven. They say "I want to spend $X to acquire a customer." The third has a very different philosophy. This company says "how do I maximize my customer lifetime value."  This company is profit-driven and will dominate their niche. It could be you.

7. Success is Non-Linear

Three steps forward, one step back. One giant leap. One setback. One minor improvement. You get the picture. Inevitably there will be some unexpected challenges and opportunities. We won't pretend our work together will be a smooth gentle ride to the top of the mountain. There will be differences of opinion and varied results along the way, but as we progress, the trend will be clear. Continuous improvement. Sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic.