Our Results

Are you committed to your own success? Will you invest to accomplish your goals? Do you have an in-demand product with a relatively high ticket price? Do you want help getting a consistent flow of new leads and customers? If so, you are the type of business we work with. Our methods have been proven to work in everything from commodity online retail to custom-made heavy industrial equipment.

Manufacturer of Custom Heavy Equipment

Wilson_Marsh_Equip_logo-110A superior product, and 24-year track record, were not enough to stop this business losing ground to an aggressive, Internet-savvy upstart. Our first step was to focus on fast-results to get their phone ringing. It took just three weeks to get a response.

During the last twelve months, they've seen a 482% increase in leads. 83% of their leads are directly traceable to our work together. They send their heavy equipment quotes to 35% of the people that contact their business. We're working together on phase two, based on the platform we've built.

  • 482% increase in leads due to optimized and expanded online advertising.
  • 35% of calls lead to a heavy equipment quote, showing that we're targeting the right people.
  • 83% leads from Internet sources despite being in a specialty industrial niche.
  • Expanded advertising to 33 countries targeted by geography and industrial development.

Service Provider to Non-Profit Businesses


This client had an existing process, but at $211.88, their leads were too expensive. We restructured and optimized their processes. In seven months, their cost per lead dropped to just $13.22, while their number of new leads per month increased 16-fold.

This business is in the process of re-branding and relaunching. We’re assisting the relaunch through extensive industry research culminating in a content plan to generate significant subscription-based income.

  • Cost per lead dropped from $211.38 to $13.22 due to optimized targeting.
  • Cost Per Click dropped by 72% within seven days through elimination of waste.
  • Lead flow increased 16x in a seven month time period.
  • Delivered Content Plan to generate significant subscription-based income.